Our Services

Our Services


Business Services

Genevation provides business consulting services in the areas of accounting, community management, strategic planning, online services, websites, software, and project development. Our experience and knowledge provides a unique and specialized approach, enabling us to provide a new perspective to software conversions, website services, communications and improved company processes.

The company’s business consulting services include:

• Screening and Implementation of Third Party Service Providers
• Software Evaluation and Review
• Software Implementation and Conversion
• Company and Client Websites, Portals, and Intranets

• Work Flow Evaluations Emphasizing Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Flexibility
• Accounting Processes, Cost Allocations, and Account / Department Profitability
• Company Policies and Procedures
• Three and Five Year Strategic Planning


Software Conversions

Genevation can assist in managing some or all areas of a software conversion, including the initial RFP process, cost analysis, communication, setup, and implementation. With our experience in both association accounting and community management, we provide a complete package in managing software conversions. We can assist in streamlining the work order, violation, and architectural processes to maximize software features. We can also assist in developing accounting functions and processes relating to software capabilities.


Department Processes

Genevation focuses on improved processes and efficiency. With our years of experience in both accounting and property management, we provide a useful and streamlined approach to simplify department work flows.